All about this beautiful mess

IMG_2558Hello! I’m Carissa and I am so glad you are visiting the blog and have bravely entered into this crazy mess of being a wife, a mom, and serving the body of Christ. My husband Matt and I have been married for 14 years and have experienced our fair share of ups and downs. We have relocated several times, grown together in the Lord, and experienced the sometimes harsh circumstances life throws our way. He is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. My three children, ages 9, 8, and 5, keep me in the Word and on my knees, as nothing humbles me more in this life than motherhood. Those three bring me more joy than I ever imagined possible.

Five years ago, I began serving with my mother in love in a ministry called My Journey of Faith, I began as the editor of My Journey of Faith Magazine and now serve as President of My Journey of Faith Ministries. This ministry has been a gift from the Lord that has allowed me the opportunity live out my passion of listening to the stories of others and offering discipleship and encouragement to those who are hurting. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Social Work and have known from elementary school that I love to listen to the stories of others in order to understand why they are who they are. I am a passionate advocate for spiritual and mental health- two areas that are never mutually exclusive.

I worked as a Clinician in child and family therapy before leaving the workforce to serve my family as a stay at home mother nine years ago, but over those years I have had the honor of leading Bible Studies from my home as well as mentoring and discipling others. I am currently in my final year of working towards a Masters in Biblical and Theological Studies through Dallas Theological Seminary and am eager to see where God leads me in the call he has designed for my life. The passions of my heart are discipleship and the studying and teaching God’s Word, a passion I long to make contagious for others.

My hope, as you read the stories shared here, is that you will see a woman like you, struggling to do life well but making messes in the process. I hope you see the grace of Jesus play out in my life over and over again because it is only by HIS grace I am who I am (1 Corinthians 15:10). And I hope you will be encouraged to live out your own mess with authenticity while accepting all the grace Jesus has to give.