A few of my favorites- Thanksgiving Edition

I woke up this morning from a restless night of tossing and turning and I was ready for the thing that I look forward to even before I open my eyes to a new day… my cup of coffee. Sometimes I go to sleep the night before thinking about how good it will be to wake up and drink a hot cup of coffee, to allow the caffeine to course through my veins and the warmth spread through my body.  I have a problem.  Anyway, sister had climbed into bed with us after a bad dream, which means she had half of the bed and my husband had the other half while I lay on my side in a tiny sliver of bed between them. I know you moms know exactly what I mean.

Sooo this morning I was extra excited for my hot cup of coffee in my favorite “Sound Concepts” mug given to me by my BFF Sarah, it’s just the right size and holds just the right amount of coffee and is light as a feather to drink from, love it.  I sweetly texted my husband in the living room, “May I have a cup of coffee please, since your up?”  Now would be a great time to share with you that I am spoiled.  I am really not ashamed to admit it.  You can read about the amazingness that is my husband in my last post, here, but truthfully I am entirely too spoiled for my own good.  Almost every morning my husband wakes up and either brings me a cup of coffee or starts the brewer so that all I have to do is add Creamer and drink.  What?? Seriously, ridiculous.  So, this particular morning I was surprised when my husband came in with a grave look on his face. “We don’t have any coffee,” he said.  I could cry.  He put on his shoes, got his car keys and drove to the store to get me coffee….I know, spoiled.  Either I am that mean without it or he is just that great…probably a little of both.

While he was gone I thought about how much I under appreciate my morning cup, and how there are many people in the world that don’t have that luxury.  What else was I taking for granted?  Well, today I would like to take the opportunity to give a shout out of acknowledgement to those items that are under-appreciated in my life, the ones that make it better or easier every day. In honor of thanksgiving here are a list of things I am thankful for:

1. Of course, coffee

2. Tooth paste and a toothbrush

3. My hairdryer

4. Hot water

5. Toilet paper

6. Soap

7. Concealer

8. My iPhone

9. My Map App (I literally do not know where I’d be without it)

10. Google

11. Gluten free pretzels

12. Gluten free bread

13. The television

14. Dry Shampoo

15. Central Heat and Air

16. The button that opens the back of my car for me

17. My car

18. A razor

19. Pizza delivery

20.  My washer and dryer

21. My dishwasher

22. My pillow

23. My NET Bible

24. Advil

25. My UGG boots (maybe the biggest first-world item, but oh how I love them)

There are more that I could share, but I don’t have all day and neither do you(: I guess I just wanted to acknowledge the privilege of living in a very blessed first-world country with a very blessed day-to-day life that is easy to take for granted.  What are some of the day-to-day things you are thankful for?  Gratitude is never a bad thing… even if it’s just for a cup of coffee.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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