A few of my favorite things…about brother


October is a busy month for us here at the Hardage house, but it is the beginning of our favorite time of year…fall! We love the festivals, football, and birthday fun.  Brother’s birthday was last week, and he had a great time celebrating!  Because we have moved around so much the past few years and have taken a while to get settled in to school and a town, brother hasn’t had a good birthday party in a while.  This was the year.  And it was a blast!  We celebrated at the pumpkin patch, roasted hot dogs and had a hay-ride.  So many of his sweet friends came and dressed up in costumes.



He is such a blessing in our lives and in honor of his 6th birthday, I would like to share my 6 favorite things about brother:

1.  He loves to dance!  This is hands down my favorite thing about him.  Since he was tiny he has been a dance machine, and he takes it very seriously.  Anyone who knows him knows that dancing is his thing!  His favorite right now is Gangham Style and a dance he learned to the Gummybear song. 

2. He loves to snuggle.  Brother is always up to hug. I love it when he wakes up early and comes into my room to whisper, “mommy, can I snuggle with you.”  The smile on his face when he climbs in my lap to snuggle is absolutely priceless. I dread the day he is too big for that!

3. He is sensitive to others. Brother is always looking out for his family.  If he thinks someone is going to do something dangerous or get left behind he is the first one to make sure I know about it!  He is very cautious about his little brother’s safety and is always looking out for him.

4. He is serious.  He takes things in life very seriously…like his dancing(: He works hard and tries to do his best at everything he does.

5. He likes to be around his family.  Brother is happiest when we are all together.  He loves for me to come to his school or to go on family vacations.  His sister is his best friend and they love to play together.  Of course they fight, but he doesn’t like to be away from her for too long.

6. He never wants to leave home.  I am sure some of you older moms are laughing at this one, but I am taking it while I can.  Brother tells me at least once a week that he will never move away from me.  I asked him if he will go to college and get married one day, to which he responded, “I will go to college close to you and if I get married I will still live with you.”  Yes son, yes you can.  His wife is going to hate me(:

I am so head over heels in love with this little man who surprised us six years ago.  He has changed me as a person and as a mom and our family is so much better with him in it!  Here are a few photos of his celebration.  Happy Birthday brother!

DSC_0041Mario had so much fun on his hayride with his friends!

DSC_0026Grandma made an amazing Haunted House cake…another great job!

DSC_0019Such a great time, Happy Birthday brother!

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