An American Celebration!

I have been forming this post in my mind as one for grieving… I had plans to lament all over this thing, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.  I am too blessed!  My precious only daughter had a birthday last week.  Usually on her birthday we will take her toy shopping and then I will spend the evening watching home videos of her as a baby and cry.  I know how pathetic that sounds, but this child is soooo wanted!!! She is my girl, the one who shops with me, wears makeup, plays dress up, and oohs and ahhhhs as she goes through my jewelry.  I know you’re never suppose to pray for a boy or girl when your pregnant, your suppose to want “a healthy baby,” buImageProxy.mvct I prayed for a girl.  And got granted me what I asked for…and I love every challenging and fulfilling minute of it.  So let me say thank you God, rather than share any long drawn out sob story about how time flies too quickly.

The thing is, I am loving these years with her. As she is growing a world is opening up of things we can share together. One thing we love to do together is going to plays…. we have been to the “Nutcracker” every year since she was three, we’ve watched “Beauty and the Beast,” “Annie,” and this year “Wicked.”  I have to say, I loved watching “Wicked” on Broadway with my Husband, but not much can top seeing your favorite play with your little girl, who is equally enchanted!!  That is what I love about her, the never-ending awe at new, beautiful or amazing things.  We also had time with our extended family, which she said was her best birthday party yet.  Thanks to Grandma we had a cake that looked like the Hot Air Balloon from “Saige: American Girl.” To be honest it looked like American Girl exploded in our living room, but all was well in the world of my little seven-year old.  (Ouch, that’s weird to say) ImageProxy.mvc

My daughter is growing up, and there are many things that make me cringe when I think of what she will have to face in the years to come.  But right now, she is my little girl, safe in the arms of her family and her parents.  I get to be the boss of her for a few more years, and what I value so will she for a while.  For this reason I have to quickly share a new activity she has started.  Sis has tried several different extra-curricular activities; soccer, cheer, gymnastics, dance, she’s done them all.  She liked a couple of them, but not enough to really want to stick with it.  She loves arts and crafts, making new friends, and trying new things (a lot like her momma!).  One day, a friend of mine told us about American Heritage Girls.  I had tossed the idea of Girl Scouts around and wasn’t sure how to get involved, but this was different….it was better!  American Heritage girls is similar to Scouts in that badges are earned, the girls are in a troop, and so on, however the focus of AHG is Christ.  The goal of the organization is building Christ Centered girls of strong character, self-esteem, and leadership while instilling in them the value of serving others.  I love it. I have never thought of my self as a “troop leader” but I can’t wait to have this special activity to do with my daughter.

Sis is going to be overwhelmed with the values the world and society holds as important: materialism, physical beauty, unreasonable standards, and entitlement.  I am so glad to have her in an activity that teaches the opposite.  Isn’t that what Christ wants for us, to be set apart?  In light of the many paths society has to influence my little girl, I am so glad to have a little extra help in molding who she is and will become, at least for a little while longer.

In honor of the birthday girl, American Heritage Girls and sister’s love for American Girl Dolls, I’ve decided to do my very first ever give away!  Be sure and subscribe or leave at comment, then I will let sister select a number and that subscriber will receive the “Saige: American Girl DVD” (Be sure to put your email in the subscription so I can message the winner!) Happy Birthday, sister!!

One thought on “An American Celebration!

  1. I just love this and I love your precious heart toward your baby girl Riss!! You are an awesome mamma and Im gonna look into this American Girl thing, It sounds like something Olivia would love to do. Tell Ella I said Happy Birthday and give her a big smooch for me, I am glad you posted this bc I didnt know you had a Blog this was my first time to read it. I miss yall and hopefully we can see each other soon:)

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